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Corporate Finance Advisory and Consulting Services

Adveez provides Experts to assist SMEs, start-ups and fund industry in building, funding, developing, and selling their businesses.

Our Services



Assisting in selling
mid-cap company’s equity


Helping you 

raise capital


Assisting financial companies on organizational, IT, regulatory and compliance issues

Talent acquisition services

Assisting companies in recruiting their next talent, and jobseekers in finding the best possible position for their profile

Sell-Side Transactions Advisory 

Negotiating with Buyers

Transaction documentation
  • Preparing marketing materials

  • Drafting the Confidential Information Memorandum

  • Assist to develop historical and projected financial documentation

  • Compiling and reviewing Data Room information

  • Selecting short-list of potential Buyers

  • Preparing with the Seller a detailed valuation analysis to assist Buyers’ evaluations


Transaction Marketing & Negotiation
  • Contacting potential Buyers at C-suite level

  • Ascertaining Buyers' interest

  • Assisting the Seller to answer Due Diligence questions

  • Assisting the Seller to solicit and receive Letters of Interests

  • Assisting the Seller to structure and close the Transaction

  • Assisting the Seller and its legal counsels to draft, negotiate and execute the stock purchase agreement


Capital Raising

Obtaining funds for your Business

Start-up Capital raising
  • Venture Capital, Private Equity

  • Start-up mentoring

  • Intellectual property set-up (Patents)

  • Business Plan and Pitch Deck preparation

  • Selection and approach of potential investors

  • Negotiation of funding terms 

  • Assistance in transaction closing

SME Capital raising
  • Assessment of the viability of the fundraising

  • Business and financial plan preparation 

  • Presentation to potential funders 

  • Assistance in negotiating with the potential funding sources 

  • Assistance in negotiating the funding terms 

  • Co-ordination of all other professional advisers



Finding smart solutions

Organisational transformation and IT services
  • Accelerating your digital transformation

  • Changing management

  • Preparing RFP for the selection of your service providers (new or renewal)

  • Preparing RFP for the selection of specialized tools (Risk Management, PMS, OMS, Reporting, CRM, Accounting...)

  • IT Project Management

Regulatory and compliance missions
  • Checking on-going compliance on legal and risk matters 

  • Overseeing of your delegates (monthly to quarterly review)

  • Reporting review or assistance (AIFMD, Annual Reports, Fact Sheets, Valuation, Risk Reports...)

  • Documenting your periodical due diligence on your delegates

  • Assisting to perform due diligence or answer due diligence questions 

  • Reviewing and improving internal process (quality, efficiency, completeness...)

  • Implementing recommendations of your auditors

  • Reviewing your internal procedures/policies


Talent Acquisition Services

Finding the right match for you

for Hiring Companies
  • Helping you hire any number of candidates of any level of seniority

  • Putting our extensive experience in recruiting people from all financial and technological fields at your disposal

  • Getting to know your company, management and strategy to ensure we find resources who fit your ideals perfectly

  • Ensuring you hire great talent with less effort - but equal involvment in the process as we keep you apprised on key steps

for Jobseekers
  • Supporting you through your application process for a position among our client companies

  • Getting to know you to find the best position for your profile

  • Using your strengths to your advantage through our tailored coaching

  • Helping you to master any weaknesses in preparation for company interviews and tests



Office Luxembourg: 5 place de la Gare, L-1616 Luxembourg

Tel: (+352) 27 87 52 109

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