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Talent Acquisition Services

for Hiring Companies

Finding the right match for you

Learning about you, your management & strategy

Our first order of business when working with a client is to get to know their company.


Indeed, to ensure we match the best candidates with the position we first need to understand your company - its values, goals and ideals - to get a feel for the targeted candidate mindset. It is essential for us to meet the management to get a deeper understanding of what profile you are looking for.


Additionally, it is key for us to understand the candidate’s future working environment - we therefore need to meet the hiring team as well as its team leader.

We are match-itions - we'll find a match for your positions!

Do you need to hire one person or a whole team? Is the contract you’re offering fixed-term or permanent? Either way, our team is here to assist you with finding skilled professionals for your vacancies.


We will find the right candidate(s) to fill your vacancies and do all the administrative screening tasks, ensuring they are appropriately qualified and very motivated to join you. Thus, all you have to do is conduct any final interviews and tests you wish without being burdened by many unsuitable or uncertain profiles.

Hire Candidates from any technological or financial field

We have extensive experience in recruiting risk managers, compliance or AML/KYC officers, business analysts, data engineers/analysts/scientists, reporting analysts, middle-officers, team leaders, executives and any profiles in finance & IT.


You can rest assured that we understand the subject matter and can ask technical questions to the candidates to ensure they have an appropriate understanding of the position and tasks involved.

Less Efforts for You but equal involvement in the hiring process

We rely on statistics to maximize our chances of quickly finding the perfect match. We use a variety of mediums to reach out to as many talents as possible. This enables us to get a great turnout of candidates and therefore find the rare gem you are looking for.


After having screened potential candidates, we submit a detailed and easy-to-follow report about each of them with an in-house matching scoring system to give you an idea of their technical proficiency in the vacancy’s key fields.


This allows for you to have all the important information in hand before conducting your own interviews and/or tests with the resources we send you.

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