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Capital raising

for Startups

Obtaining funds for your business

How does Adveez support Start-ups?

Adveez helps ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs as well as early-stage companies with best-in-class mentoring, patent protection, and fundraising assistance to scale up their business:

  • We focus on deep-tech start-ups developing disrupting technologies

  • We support Series A and Series B rounds of funding (see below)

  • Our experts can help get your business off the ground

  • We believe in the power of patents for innovative companies

  • Prior to fundraising, we help increase Start-Up value by offering a fully supported, straightforward Patent protection process, tailored to help your Business grow

  • Taking into account the stage and sector of your business funding, and the Patent protection of your technology, we connect you to VC investors who are the right fit for your company, and then follow up on the further steps of your funding process


We have partnered with leading Venture Capitalists in the European deep-tech start-up ecosystem, so we can facilitate your deal closure. 

We assist start-up with:

Experts-entrepreneurs having achieved stellar results with funding rounds will mentor you

They will help you enhance your pitching skills and you will get:

  • Specially curated content on how to approach fundraising

  • Assistance from financial experts to make projections, value your company, understand your financial documentation, financial planning, etc.

  • Guidance from transactions experts who will help you understand investment terminology, term sheet negotiation, your rights and obligations, and so on


Our pool of experienced and talented business mentors offer their time to help your Start-up business:

  • Provide unbiased guidance

  • Someone to bounce ideas off

  • Deliver strategic support and thinking

  • Help you prioritize

  • Build and grow your network

Patent Protection

Our network of patent and technology experts do all the heavy Patent protection lifting for you 

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Investment Pitch

​Adveez will draft your Start-up’s Pitch Deck.


  • The Pitch Deck is essentially a brief presentation that provides investors information about your business model, products/services, monetization strategy, and your company’s market position. 

  • Most Venture Capitalists, Private Equity firms, banks and other financial institutions demand a business plan before further process. 

  • It needs to be visually attractive with minimal text, and at the same time self-explanatory, effectively communicating your business’ potential. 

Some other components that go into a well-designed business funding plan (or Pitch Deck) are:

  • Elevator Pitch: A brief paragraph on the problem you are trying to solve

  • Solution: The answer to the problem you are trying to solve

  • Market Analysis: Insights into the market and a dense analysis of the competition

  • USP: Evidence that your business differs from other businesses and why it will succeed

  • Business Model: Where you believe you add value and what customers will end up paying for?

  • Go-to-market strategy: How you reach customers and convince them; and how, over time, this strategy will evolve?

  • Current Traction: What has already been achieved by the business?

  • Business Plan:  Our experienced investment professionals help you in crafting your business plan so that you can succinctly convey the potential of your business to investors

Legal set-up

After finalizing your Deck, we will also conduct a legal diligence on your corporate structure to further assess your investment readiness

Investors connect and capital raising

Once your investment case is ready:

  • We facilitate connections within our network of VC Investor Partners, who may choose to invest in your business

  • We match you with the right VC investors in your sector and provide assured responses from those VCs on a timely basis

Startup’s fundraising happens in multiple stages:

1. Seed round (commonly called seed funding) > Angels


The main providers of capital at this stage are business angels, super angels and early stage Venture Capital firms.

  • As the name suggests, the company gets “seeded” with the initial funds to conceptualize the business idea and to bring it to the market

  • At this stage, the business may not even have working prototypes set and could still be working towards developing the product

  • European seed rounds range from €250K to €1 million.

2. Series A > Venture Capital


They are led by traditional Venture Capital firms that end up owning between 15 and 30% of the invested startups.

Once the company develops the product or service and begins to gain traction, it starts looking out to venture capitalists for the next round of funding, to aid in its early stage of growth.

  • Start-ups that get to this stage have usually figured out their product, the size of the market and need capital to scale, improve distribution systems or establish a business model if they do not have one yet.

  • Typical European Series A rounds range from €2 to €5 million. 

3. Series B > Venture Capital

They are led by traditional Venture Capital firms.

Series B are “all about scaling”. 

  • Successful start-ups at this stage tend to have an established customers/users base and a business model that is working

  • By this time, the business would have established a working business model and gained some credibility in the industry

  • Now, with the potential to grow further, additional capital would be required to expand operations and reach more customers

  • Series B in Europe usually start at €6 million and can be has high as €8 to €10 million

4. Series C > Private Equity and investment banks


From this stage on the outcome tends to be an IPO or to get acquired by a much bigger company.

When companies reach this stage, they are mature already. 

  • Business model is working, whether the company is profitable or not

  • This round of funding happens when the company has proved its mettle in the industry and is looking for expansion of its customer base in new markets, targeting acquisitions, and looking at innovation on other types of products

  • Financing rounds at these stages tend to range from tens to hundreds of € millions 


A clear difference between Series C and other rounds, besides the amount being invested, is that at this point Private Equity firms and investment banks tend to be the lead investors. 

In Patents we trust

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