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Consulting Services

Finding smart solutions 
for banks, funds and wealth managers


Shape New Advanced Processes

Looking for more efficiency, quickly at low cost!

We may audit your environment and infrastructure to find "Quick & Clever" solutions to be implemented by You.



Select , Negotiate, Implement and Train

Want to implement a new tool!

We may advise you throughout the whole process from selection to team training.


Select your New Efficient Provider

Disappointed by your current delegate or just want to review your cost structure?

We may manage the whole RFP process for you.



Scale New Organisation with Bots-automation

Tired to loose time in repetitive tasks!

We may propose bots to create efficient workflows and automation for client service, robot-adviser, FAQ, ...



Go To Digitalisation

Do not miss the train of the digital transformation!

We may assist you to rethink your business with a real digital strategy.



Set-Up Remedial Plan

Urgent action required!

We may help you to prepare, assess and implement remedial actions plans in a short timeframe.


Oversight of your delegates

Need an external point of view!

We may take care of the periodical review of your Delegates independently.


Shape New Advanced Processes


Save from 20 minutes to 1 hour per operator per day and reduce the number of claims and incidents

Get a snapshot of your processes to propose Do It Yourself ("DIY") solutions to be implemented in a very short-time period with limited developments and investments. The objective is to imply from the beginning your teams to adapt the solutions to their knowledges and competences.

The usual planning is as follow:

  • 2-hours of open discussion to detect the processes, tools, auditors recommendations, claims or incidents we should focus on 

  • Select 3 to 5 processes to be improved

  • Collect and analyze your documentation, procedures and policies linked to these processes

  • Go into details by interviewing your teams (1-2h per process depending on the complexity)

  • Prepare a list of recommendations based on your existing tools and environment

  • Presentation of each solution

  • Optional: Implement the solutions and adapt your procedures 

Typical mission: 3-10 man days

Go To Digitalization


Give you insight to empower better decisions

You are convinced that you should make your digital transformation and you are looking for scalable, open and flexible solutions.

The objectives of the digital transformation:

  • Increase your productivity

  • Optimize your cost efficiency​

  • Access your systems 24/7 from anywhere

  • Facilitate automation

  • Enhance security

  • Guarantee documentation and information preservation

  • Facilitate disaster recovery

  • Save space in your offices

  • May be considered as environment friendly at least for "paper-less" solutions

Typical mission: 

  • Implementation of a datawarehouse

  • Build analytics to create insight

  • Electronic signature

  • Digital dossier management with real-time video onboarding

Select, Negotiate, Implement & Train


Save 25% of time on the project duration and overruns

By managing the whole process from the beginning and based on our long experience of implementation of complex and innovative solutions, we can propose very attractive packages to constitute the right project team and find the most suitable solutions.

Typical mission:

  • Portfolio Management System with full STP processes (pre-trade compliance, Execution, Trade reconciliation, ...)

  • Execution Management System

  • Risk Management Tool (Investment limits, VaR...)

  • New market data provider

  • CRM

  • Electronic signatory tool

  • KYC tool

  • KIID/PRIPPS solution

  • AIFM reporting
  • ...

Set-Up Remediation Plan


Save time and find solutions in a month

We may assist you to implement "quick and clever" solutions (in combination with our SNAP offer) to define and implement remedial measures on a short time basis. We may also propose robust and mid-term solutions via our SNIT or Go2Digit offers.

Typical mission: 

  • Define the content of your Annual Compliance Monitoring plan

  • Define the content of your periodic reports to the attention of the management and the different Boards (IFM/Fund)

  • Assist you to write your policies and procedures

  • Define your AML/CFT risk assessment

  • Liquidity risk

Select your New Efficient Provider


Save between 20% to 30% per contract

We may organise and coordinate under your name Request For Proposal for the following functions:

  • At the IFM/PSF level and Fund level:

    • External Audit

    • Legal Services

    • Tax Adviser (VAT, Tax Reporting, Tax reclaim…)

  • at the IFM/PSF level:

    • Internal Audit

    • Insurance

    • IT provider (soft and hard)

  • at the fund level:

    • External Valuer

    • Custodian Bank

    • Central Admin

    • Distribution / Country registration


For each function, we obtain at least 3 offers.

We can also manage for you the initial due diligence via our OVER solution below.

Typical mission: 

  • IFM/PSF or Fund: New External Auditor for EUR 1'000 (per entity)

  • IT Provider for Cloud Services: from EUR 2'000 to EUR 5'000 depending on the size and complexity

  • Fund: New Management company/Custodian bank/Central administration from EUR 3'000 to EUR 5'000 depending on the size and complexity

Oversight of your delegates


Save time by getting quick decisions on real and independent KPIs

We may assist you in the preparation, organisation and documentation of your periodical reviews & due diligences, fees review…

Typical mission: 

  • Define the questionnaire per typology of Delegate (online solutions with workflow management)

  • Implement the oversight tool

  • Define actions plan with your Delegates based on the anomalies and incidents

Scale New Organization with Bots-Automation


Save up to 99.9% in your response time and do it 24/7

A simple definition of a bot is:

a device or piece of software that can execute commands, reply to messages, or perform routine tasks, as online searches, either automatically or with minimal human intervention.

Typical mission:

  • Client FAQ bot to manage the first level of common questions/errors

  • Internal support bot for common diagnosis of errors in each production department

  • Lead generation and assignment bot

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