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Job Interview

Talent Acquisition Services

for Jobseekers

Finding the right match for you

We are match-itions! 

At Adveez for talents, we want to get to know our candidates. ​


Coming from the business consulting domain, we have the required skills and experience to understand your resume and quickly analyze the potential fit for a job opportunity. If we deem you to be a good match, we have at least two key interviews with you.


In the first one, you are the leader of the conversation - you may ask any and all questions about the team, the position, about us… After this interview we decide whether the position you applied for is the best match we have for you. Indeed, either we continue the process for this given offer, or we reorient you towards another offer in our bank which we believe would be a better fit.


After this step, we hold a second interview where you explain who you are: your educational and professional choices and experiences, your strengths, your interests …


We believe the key to a successful career is for you to be happy in a post that fits you and we try our utmost best to match you with the best position for your profile.

Master your strengths and get coaching for your weaknesses

When finding candidates for our client companies, our goal is that you feel at ease at your new job. We make sure to interview you and discuss your strengths and interests before introducing you to a potential employer to make sure you will be in the right place to thrive and further your career.


Once we have introduced you to the client company, we hold a coaching session with you to prepare you for the interviews and tests they might put you through. This allows us to help you overcome any weaknesses you might have.

We SUPPORT you through the application process

We hold coaching sessions to help you with interviews and tests with the hiring company. We also love to hear updates about how your most recent interview or test went and give you advice.

In addition, we like to stay in touch with candidates after they have started their position to accompany you through the first few months in your new company.

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