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Capital raising

for SMEs

Raising Funds from the Market

How does Adveez support SMEs?

Adveez helps ambitious entrepreneurs raise funds to scale up their business:

  • We focus on middle-market companies with EVs of up to € 300 million

  • We advise EU SMEs in debt and/or equity Transactions of up to € 300 million

We have direct access to the C-suite level of more than 100 Private Equity funds.

We precisely know their investment strategy and sector focus.

SME capital raising needs

It is well documented in all media that raising growth / expansion capital (equity or debt) for SME and entrepreneurial businesses in the EU can be challenging.

If you are an SME planning a round of equity and/or debt funding, or are actively looking for liquidity solutions for some or all of your shareholders, please talk to us. 

Adveez will help you deal with all of the above more efficiently.

Adveez Fundraising Advisory

Our experts can be instrumental in raising funds for your business.

Our team has been engaged in the Private Equity business for more than 30 years:

  • We are insiders from all sides of the Private Equity buy-sell equation.  

  • Those considering an equity or debt Transaction will take advantage of Adveez deep knowledge of the market for Sellers, Buyers, banks, and all sides of the transactional advisory universe. 

  • We know how to help SMEs navigate through the murky waters of middle market equity and debt transactions.

Our advisory practice is skilled in optimizing deals and acts as a trustful partner for the Company's Shareholders and management.

The corporate finance service offered by our Experts includes: 

  • Assessing the viability of the fundraising, together with the most likely sources of finance (debt and/or equity) 

  • Preparing a business plan and helping the management team prepare financial forecasts 

  • Assisting with a presentation to potential funders 

  • Managing discussions with potential sources of finance and eliciting suitable offers of funding 

  • Negotiating the funding terms 

  • Coordinating  all other professional advisers 

  • Pro-active project management of the transaction through to a smooth and timely completion

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